Efus at the ToNite workshop on the project’s local impact in Turin

July 2021 – Efus took part on 12 July in a workshop organised by the Turin-led ToNite project, in which it is a partner, on the impact the activities generated by the project have had in two neighbourhoods of Turin, Aurora and Vanchiglia, both situated near the Dora River. 

Launched in September 2019 as part of the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions programme, ToNite seeks to improve the liveability and accessibility of these two neighbourhoods where residents felt insecure in particular at night because of a lack of activities and services. Through this ambitious, three-year project, some 30 new local services have been launched. 

The workshop focused on methods and tools to measure the impact, effect and positive change created by the new services. Participants were introduced to key terms and approaches in the field of social innovation and social impact. Efus presented examples of other European projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening social cohesion and night-time urban security. It also presented its principles and recommendations on the management of nightlife, as stated in its Manifesto

More information on ToNite on Efus’ website, and on the project’s website