Sexual Harassment in Nightlife Entertainment Spots: Mitigation and Prevention

The SHINE project aims to create a common culture among nightlife stakeholders and give them appropriate tools to prevent sexual harassment in nightlife venues. One of the project’s main foreseen achievement will be the creation of a multipliable working model through the following planned activities:

a) introduction of quality management systems in nightlife entertainment venues;
b) training programmes and awareness-raising sessions for the staff of nightlife venues, local elected officials, mediators and representatives of the municipal police;
c) networking and joint cooperation between municipal institutions, law enforcement agencies, local businesses and other stakeholders;
d) awareness-raising and education of potential victims and witnesses of sexual harassment.


The overall objective of the project is to design practical recommendations and a toolkit for the prevention of and fight against sexual harassment in nightlife entertainment spots.

  • The SHINE project will carry out a desk research in order to identify the main causes and situational factors of sexual harassment in nightlife entertainment venues but also useful and effective practices at the EU-level that can serve as examples for the design of the foreseen quality management systems. These will comprise a set of procedures and the necessary skills that relevant stakeholders need to learn and use in order to prevent and fight against sexual harassment at night.
  • Research mainly in Lithuania and Slovenia on the root causes and situational factors of sexual harassment in nightlife entertainment venues. The project will make use of the European Forum for Urban Security’s (Efus) network of European cities and regions to multiply the reach of the research.
  • Based on the results of the preliminary research, quality management systems will be designed and introduced in selected nightlife entertainment venues.
  • Capacity building of nightlife venues’ staff and training and awareness-raising sessions for local elected officials, mediators and representatives of the municipal police. These will first be conducted in Vilnius and Ljubljana and later offered to five other Efus-member European cities that are willing to tailor the different segments and modules of the project’s quality management system and models to their local needs and context.
  • Awareness-raising campaign targeted to a wider public, including potential victims and witnesses of nightlife sexual harassment.
Expression of interest

Selection of experts within the framework of the European project “SHINE”

Call for applications.

Five Efus member cities will be given the opportunity to implement training sessions for local nightlife actors. Efus will lead these sessions in collaboration with specialised experts.  The sessions will focus on the prevention and mitigation model developed by the SHINE project. The specific content of these sessions will be decided in partnership with the selected cities.  

The session will take place before the end of 2022, and will be held in person. They will last one day.

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Prior calls

Expression of interest – SHINE seminars / working sessions – for cities

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The role of Efus

Efus contributes knowledge and expertise acquired over the course of three decades in the prevention at local level of gender discrimination and sexual violence. Apart from fostering exchanges on the needs of European cities, Efus will provide the consortium with literature produced throughout Europe on existing innovative and efficient practices for the prevention of and fight againstviolence and sexual harassment at night.
Furthermore, Efus will be responsible for identifying within its network five European cities (apart from Ljubljana and Vilnius) that are interested in implementing awareness sessions and trainings for relevant local nightlife stakeholders.
Lastly, Efus will disseminate the project’s results within its 250-member network of European cities and beyond, as well as raise awareness on the issue of sexual harassment at night.


Led by the Centre for Crime Prevention in Lithuania the SHINE project gathers, apart from Efus, the University of Maribor , the University of Vilnius, the Municipality of Vilnius and the Municipality of Ljubljana.


March 2020 – January 2023


Paul Devulder, Programme Manager –

Funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC)