Efus at the upcoming “State of the Union” conference on Europe

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Paris, February 2015 – Efus is invited to the fifth annual “State of the Union” high-level conference on Europe organised by the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy), on 6-9 May.

This conference gathers each year European political decision-makers, representatives of civil society and the private sector, opinion leaders and academics. In previous editions, it received the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament, several chiefs of state as well as prime ministers and ministers.


State of the Union Conference 2014

Organisers asked Efus to lead a session with local elected officials on the theme “Technologies, security and freedom”. Several mayors of member cities will speak about the role of technologies and their contribution to global security strategies, and the conditions required for ensuring a democratic use of these technologies.

Efus was invited to contribute to the conference as partner in the EUI-led European project SURVEILLE on surveillance technologies and ethical issues, which has been running for three years. Efus is tasked with liaising between researchers and local authorities that are users of surveillance technologies. In this respect, Efus has demonstrated that local authorities play an important role in the deployment of such technologies but also in guaranteeing the respect of individual liberties.

The Florence conference will be focused on three main themes: “A New Narrative for Europe: the Schuman 2.3 Declaration”, “The Interface between Europe and the World”, and “Surveillance and Freedom in Europe”.

You can find all information on the event on the website of the State of the Union conference 2015