Web conference series on the phenomenon of group violence among young people

The recent clashes that cost the lives of several young people in the Île-de-France region (France) have put the phenomenon of group violence among young people in the political and media spotlight. Confronted for decades with this cyclical phenomenon whose forms are evolving, particularly with social networks, local and regional authorities are mobilising. This phenomenon remains complex and difficult to understand. However, we can already draw many lessons from the expertise of those working in the field (socio-educational actors, police officers, social landlords, etc.), from the knowledge of sociologists, and from feedback from actions to prevent and manage group violence that have already been carried out. Efus and the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU) are organising a series of web conferences on the topic. You will be able to share your questions, diagnoses and practices between actors in crime prevention, at French and European level.

Session 1 – Thursday 25 March

A first web conference was organised on the occasion of the FFSU’s National Convention on Local Security, in partnership with Efus.

Session 2 – Tuesday 18 May

Theme: Prevention by peers

Session 3 – Thursday 17 June – 14:00 CET

Theme: Social networks, digital public space and prevention

Session 4 – September (date to be determined)

Theme: Victim support and memory work



  • To improve prevention and reduction of group violence among young people
  • Promote a balanced approach to the issue of group violence among young people
  • To share knowledge on the subject and develop a shared culture around the phenomenon
  • Identify, share and promote local practices


The FFSU pilots this cycle of web conferences. It can be supported by Efus and other national forums.
Specific project leaders can be invited to present their activities and answer questions from participants.


All actors contributing to urban security, social cohesion, urban social development.


French only (no simultaneous interpretation will be provided)

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