The Manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis

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Security, Democracy and Cities:
The Manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis


What is the Manifesto?

The Manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis (read here available in CS-DE-EL-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL-PL-PTis a political platform on urban security which brings together all the values and principles that form the foundations of Efus’ and its members’ actions. It constitutes a continuation of the principles and recommendations of the Naples Manifesto (2000) and the Saragossa Manifesto (2006), yet it also forms a future plan of action for local authorities that can be followed during the years to come.

It was presented on the 14th December 2012 during the closing session of the international conference “Security, Democracy and Cities: The Future of Prevention” (click here to see the Conference page), organised by Efus in partnership with the municipalities of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis.

What does it say?

Through adopting the Manifesto, local authorities from all over Europe are refusing to tackle questions of security as last-minute crises and instead are calling for the promotion of long-term policies. They are defending the choice of prevention “as a rational, strategic and cost-efficient option”, deciding to invest in prevention “to guarantee that the security of future generations, indispensable to the quality of life in cities, is a basic right for all.”

Local authorities in Efus’ network also demand that citizen participation in security policy-making is universally promoted. Civil society must play a role at all stages of the policy-making process, from conception, to implementation, to evaluation. They notably call for the full participation of youths who are “too often stigmatised and are victims of violence”. Cities also declare that “the promotion of women’s rights and sexual equality must be systematic and constant”.

19 thematic recommendations, founded on the work of the conference of December 2012, complete the manifesto:

 Safety audits, programmes and evaluation
– Shared Public spaces
– Mediation
Citizen participation in security
The police as an agent of prevention
Prevention of reoffending
The gender approach and the prevention of violence against women
Violence at school and school dropout
– Sport and prevention
– Art, culture and prevention
– Tourism and security
– Addiction and drugs
– The city at night
– Collective violence
– Urban risk management
– Using technology for prevention
– Public private partnerships
– Interaction between local, regional and national levels
– Cities and organised crime

How was it written?

The Manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis is the product of a collective writing process, based on the work done for many years by Efus, its members – local authorities – and the whole of its network (universities, European and international organisations, specialised networks). It was written and presented during the conference of December 2012.

For more information on how the manifesto was produced, please watch our informative graphic video below:

What is its purpose?

It was conceived as a source of support and inspiration for local authorities in the conception and promotion of their security policies. It also acts as a mouthpiece for local authorities amongst national, European and international institutions. Finally its purpose is to support and promote debates on questions of security with citizens.

The Sharing the Manifesto intiative

The Sharing the Manifesto initiative aims to encourage dialogue between local European authorities, civil society and other parties involved in urban safety and security issues. As part of the initiative, debates, conferences, study days and many other events have been organised with and by local authorities, with citizens and at the institutional level.


In total over 1000 people took part in the Manifesto Days held in 2013 in Liège (Belgium), London (UK), Brac (Croatia), Brno (Czech Republic), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain) and Sosnowiec (Poland).

Click here to find more about the initiative.

Click here to see the full programme of activities.

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