LOUD – Local young leaders for inclusion


Developing intercultural awareness and combating prejudice are important to promote social inclusion and strengthen social cohesion.

LOUD aims to foster inclusive environments for young people in order to prevent them from drifting into intolerance and extremist behaviours. It will strengthen local authorities’ and young people’s capacities to produce alternative narratives.

The main objectives are to:

  • Counter all forms of intolerance and extremist speech among young people
  • Provide effective alternative narratives at the local level
  • Empower young people on tackling discrimination and extremist content
  • Promote European exchanges on alternative narratives among young people


The main activities of the project are:

  • Diagnosis in 9 territories to enable local authorities to determine their priorities as well as the key stakeholders
  • Training sessions will be organised in the different territories in order to empower young people, identified through the previous phases, on alternative narratives methods and local campaigns.

The design and development of 9 local alternative narratives campaigns by young people in 5 European countries


Within the framework of the project, four webinars aimed at municipal and local actors who are developing or planning an alternative narrative communication campaign will be organised.

Webinar 1, 19 March, 11 AM (CEST), Maria Lozano, expert on preventing and combating violent radicalisation, member of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Steering Committee

  • The role of alternative narratives in preventing discrimination, polarisation and radicalisation at the local level
  • What do successful alternative narrative campaigns look like?
  • Which actors should be involved and what is their role?
  • What are the benefits of this involvement and what would further collaboration look like?

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Webinar 2, 22 April, 11 AM (CEST), Maria Lozano, expert on preventing and combating violent radicalisation, member of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Steering Committee

  • How to design an alternative narrative campaign?
  • How to create messages that offer a positive alternative to discriminatory speeches?

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>> Supporting documents:

Webinar 3, 20 May, 11AM (CEST), Kelsey Bjornsgaard, Senior Advisor at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based think tank specialised in extremism

  • How to create an effective campaign, reach the target audience and spread the message?

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>> Supporting documents:

Webinar 4, 24 June, 11 AM (CEST), Gifty Boachie, Data Strategist 

  • How to measure and evaluate an alternative narrative campaign?

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Call for Experts

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Efus is leader of this project


Local authorities: Leuven (BE), L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES),  Augsburg, Düsseldorf (DE), Pella (GR), Rosny-sous-bois, Montreuil, Lille and Valenciennes Métropole (FR)

Other partners: Eurocircle, Fondazione Mondinsieme (IT), streetwork@online (AVP e.V.) (DE)


January 2019 – June 2021




Tatiana Morales, Programme Manager : morales@efus.eu
Pilar de La Torre, Programme Manager: delatorre@efus.eu

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