Working Group on Nightlife after lockdown

“What will be the consequences of the end of lockdown for the nightlife in cities?” Following the end of lockdown in the different member states of the European Union (EU), life will start to resume gradually. This potential return to … More

Interview – The Nightlife Platform publishes a methodological guidebook on the governance of nightlife

Paris, France, April 2020 – The Nightlife Platform (Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne), in which Efus is a member, recently published a methodological guidebook on the governance of nightlife (Politique publique et Vie nocturne : Gouvernance et Participation / public … More

Kick-off meeting of the TO-Nite project led by the city of Turin

Turin, Italy, February 2020 – The partners in the TO-Nite European project led by the city of Turin (IT) on improving the city’s quality of life and access to urban spaces, in particular at night, took part in the project’s … More


The TO-nite project is an especially new type of project as it was selected in the framework of a specific “Call for Proposal” centred around the topic of ‘urban security and related innovative solutions’, under the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA). … More

Cities, tourism and security: a reminder of Efus’ stance on this topic

Paris, France, September 2019 – As the summer ends, many Efus member cities are assessing their tourism season. Tourism is a major economic sector for many European cities, but it also generates specific security issues such as the management of … More

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