What means can cities put in place for a revival of nightlife?

Efus Working Group on “Nightlife”

session in French: 23/06/2021

14:00 – 15:00 CET

With the increase in the percentage of the population vaccinated and the decrease in the number of infections, cities are preparing, at different paces, the relaunch of their cultural and festive activities. Public authorities but also social and cultural actors (festival organisers, leisure facilities, etc.) are working to create the ideal conditions for a relaunch that respects all security criteria for citizens. 

The reopening of nightlife activities is eagerly awaited by the citizens, but it brings with it a number of challenges in terms of health and safety measures in addition to the classic nightlife problems. 

This is why a large number of European cities have mobilised through different networks such as Efus or the Nightlife Platform (Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne – PVN), to reflect together on the most appropriate ways of organising the recovery. The White Paper of the General Assembly on the Right to Party (Livre blanc des Etats Généraux du Droit à la Fête), coordinated by the Collectif Culture Bar bars, was drawn up. This document, co-written with a multitude of actors (such as local and regional authorities, concert and festival organisers, establishments, neighbourhood associations, etc.), brings together a series of public policy recommendations on the management of the pandemic and its recovery. 

One of the main recommendations is the establishment of local recovery units that would allow for a concerted exit from the crisis with the main actors and, above all, that would take into account the security challenges they are facing.

In the framework of this online Working Group, we invite stakeholders from different European cities who would be interested in sharing their experiences to discuss the following topics of debate:

  • to reflect consider what mechanisms can be put in place at the local level to support post-pandemic recovery activities
  • discuss how this type of cell contributes to this objective;
  • to address the issue of the use of public space, with a focus on the implementation of security measures and the reconciliation of different uses and needs.

The European Forum for Urban Security and the Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne (the Nightlife Platform) invite you to participate in this thematic Working Group which seeks to reflect collectively on the elements listed above.

If you are interested, we invite you to register here.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Martí Navarro Regàs, navarroregas@efus.eu
Eszter Karacsony, karacsony@efus.eu