Working Group on Nightlife after lockdown

“What will be the consequences of the end of lockdown for the nightlife in cities?”

Following the end of lockdown in the different member states of the European Union (EU), life will start to resume gradually. This potential return to “normal” makes us reflect on the mode, pace and type of the ‘resumption’ of nightlife activities.

This recovery, makes us think about the following crucial question: the security of a “post-Covid” nightlife. In this context, the reappropriation of public space during the night can pose new challenges and difficulties for the actors (the owners and employees of nightlife entertainments spots, the customers of such spots, the inhabitants, first respondents…etc) of the nightlife.

In addition, during the lockdown we have witnessed a change in consumption and partying habits. How will these new habits translate after the end of lockdown? Also, when we think of the nightlife after lockdown we must take into account the re-training and the capacity building of the various night professionals who will have to, as of now, for example, enforce Covid barrier gestures.

In the light of this unprecedented context, the European Forum for Urban Security and the Platforme de la vie nocturne (Nightlife Platform) invite you to participate in 2 thematic Working Groups (in French and in English) seeking to reflect on the elements previously listed, in an organized and structured way. We invite all stakeholders interested in the subject to participate to a discussion articulated around three main questions:

  • What difficulties will local and regional authorities and the actors of the nightlife face during the reappropriation of public space at night?
  • Will festive and consumption habits change?
  • Are actors responsible for enforcing prevention measures during the night prepared? How could they be prepared?

Two sessions, in both official languages of the Forum, will be organized on this occasion :

Working Group in French, 25 May, 2020 – 2pm /3.30pm CEST
Working Group in English, 27 May 2020 – 2pm /3.30pm CEST

The conclusions of the French session will be shared with the Anglophone group to launch the discussion.

As stakeholders interested in nightlife issues, we invite you to register here.

If you have any questions please contact:

>  Eszter Karácsony, programme manager:
>  Martí Navarro Regàs, programme manager: