LIAISE I : understanding the role of local authorities

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In front of radicalisation and violent extremism, repressive responses are not enough. In order to fight these phenomena, it is primordial to act preventively. In addition to policing and justice policies, the preventive measures must mobilise local crime prevention partnership schemes in order to strengthen the resilience of both individuals and groups to the risks of radicalisation. Because it is by nature close to citizens, the local level is strategically positioned to put in place such preventive actions and to mobilise all the relevant local stakeholders.

For this reason, and as a response to requests made by several member cities, Efus has sought to help local authorities build their capacity to prevent radicalisation, while reaffirming the central strategic role of local bodies in the fight against this phenomenon.

A key initiative in this respect has been the Local Institutions AgaInSt violent Extremism (LIAISE) project. Co-financed by the European Union, this project, leaded by Efus, aimed to determine the role of local communities in preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism and to create a training programme tailored to the needs of local stakeholders.


This project gathered ten cities from six different countries : Augsburg, Düsseldorf (DE), Brussels, Liège, Vilvoorde (BE),  L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES), Malmö (SW), Montreuil, Sarcelles (FR), Reggio Emilia (IT), as well as the Institute for strategic dialogue (UK), and the NGO Ufuq (DE). The German non governmental organisation Cultures interactive and the Belgian Forum for prevention and urban security were associated partners.



  • Exchange of experiences between European local authorities, supported by experts on radicalisation
  • Field visits and support to local policies by experts
  • Production of a training program for local actors
  • Training session



  • Efus organised several trainings that benefited more than 70 local actors
  • From the training program developed, the publication Preventing and countering radicalisation at the local level was published in order to present the various axes of a local strategy for the prevention of radicalisation. It also provides knowledge and practical tools to build the capacity of local actors to deal with this phenomenon, both politically and technically.
  • This publication also includes a series of introductory videos in each chapter.

These resources are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German on this page : click here


From September 2014 to August 2016


Follow-up : the LIAISE 2 project

In order to consolidate the established partnership and put into practice the recommendations, Efus led the LIAISE 2 project. This project enabled the implementation of 17 local pilot actions and the development of a methodological guide for the development of a local strategy to prevent violent radicalisation. Learn more about the LIAISE 2 project.


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