How to prevent and combat organised crime: the role of local and regional authorities

Web conference

09 February, 14:00-15:00 CET

Organised crime groups are known for their cross-border, highly agile and adaptive nature. Their activities pose a real danger to economies and communities calling for local and regional governments to mobilise to protect their citizens as well as local administrative, economic and democratic processes from organised crime and its repercussions. In addition to the penal law and efforts from law enforcement agencies, local authorities should combine social, economic and repressive measures to combat organised crime. Using administrative powers or non-traditional methods on a practical level as part of a multidisciplinary approach to prevent and disrupt organised crime can prove to be an effective approach towards a more peaceful and healthier society.

  • What are the impacts of organized crime at the local level? What are the main challenges experienced by local authorities?
  • How can actors beyond the law-enforcement and judicial systems be involved to find solutions?
  • How can the Administrative Approach contribute to the fight against organised crime ?


  • Chadia Dehbi, Policy and practice officer, European Network on the Administrative Approach tackling serious and organised crime, EUCPN
  • Robert Valkhoff, Team manager, Public Order and Safety Department, City of Amsterdam

This event is organised as part of a series of web conferences on the local roots and impacts of organsied crime. Learn more