Tribute to Pawel Adamowicz , mayor of Gdansk

gdanksThe European forum for urban security wishes to pay tribute to the commitment of Pawel Adamowicz within the forum. Mayor of Gdansk (Poland) since 1998, he was murdered during a charity event on 13 January 2019. The city of Gdansk joined Efus in 2013 and the Executive Committee in 2016.

It is with great sadness that we receive the news of the death of Pawel Adamowicz. As Mayor of Gdansk and a member of the Executive Committee of the European forum for urban security (Efus), Pawel Adamowicz has worked with us for many years.

The city of Gdansk joined Efus in 2013 and the Executive Committee in 2016. It has since enriched deeply our exchanges through its knowledge and the actions it has undertaken in the field of urban security. We regard the engagement of Pawel Adamowicz and the city of Gdansk in Efus as having been essential contribution to our network.

Over the course of the twenty years of service to his city, Pawel Adamowicz was able to commit to causes and values that were dear to him as well as being of great importance to Efus. Whether it was fighting for solidarity, against discrimination or for the tolerance and respect of minorities, Pawel Adamowicz has worked tirelessly to make Gdansk an open and united city. He shared with Efus the firm belief that cities have a key role to play in the building and sustaining of a fair and just Europe that is welcoming and free, where citizens are at the heart of concerns and policies.

As Mayor of Liege and President of Efus, I wish to pay tribute to Pawel Adamowicz, on my behalf and that of our member communities.

Willy Demeyer
Mayor of Liege,
President of the European Forum for Urban Security