BOUNCE programme to strengthen the resilience of young people against radical influences: training and support opportunities

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bounce_vo_04_pagina_1Paris, April 2016 –
Developed in the framework of the European project ‘Strengthening Resilience Against Violent Radicalisation (STRESAVIORA)’, BOUNCE is an early-prevention, psycho-physical training designed to help vulnerable youngsters strengthen their resilience against radical influences and to raise awareness among frontline workers and parents.

The ‘BOUNCE Resilience Tools’ is a package of three interconnected and complementary tools, which were designed on the basis of scientific research and interviews with youngsters with the aim of preventing radicalisation at an early age, before any serious concern might arise. The idea is to provide youngsters and their entourage with instruments to manage the challenges they come across in their development and search for meaning and identity.

BOUNCE was developed under the lead of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs (Ministry of the Interior) of Belgium. Funded by the European Commission in the framework of  the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme (ISEC), STRESAVIORA has been prolonged with STRESAVIORA II, which is now being  launched in partnership with the European Forum for Urban Security in order to disseminate and implement the BOUNCE Resilience Tools on a local level across Europe. BOUNCE is now included in the activities available to Efus’ members to support them in preventing and countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

Efus would like to invite members to become BOUNCE pilot cities. They will receive training (on location), and support for implementing the programme.

Moreover, Efus will organise  the exchange of experiences and promising practices between  BOUNCE users.  

Lastly, STRESAVORIA II will conduct a scientific evaluation of the activities and study the short-, medium- and long-term effects of the BOUNCE resilience training on the prevention of radicalisation.

Please find a short description of BOUNCE and of the offer to become a pilot city. 

For more information on BOUNCE please visit the website (available in English, French, Dutch and German):

For further information and if you would like to apply to become a BOUNCE pilot city, please contact Emilie Petit (

Overview of activities available to Efus members for preventing and fighting against radicalisation:

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