SRAP – Addiction Prevention within Roma and Sinti communities- Why it matters

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Paris, August 2013 – The publication Addiction Prevention within Roma and Sinti communities- why it matters, one of the results of the project “SRAP- Prevention of addictions within Roma and Sinti communities”, has just been published.

For three years Efus has taken part in this project which aims to prevent legal and illegal drug addictions amongst the young Roma population (during the project the term ‘Roma’ was used as an umbrella term to refer to all Traveller communities). The project concluded last June with a final conference in Sofia (Bulgaria). The project was co-financed by the European Union under the Health Programme.

This short publication is an introduction to the work that was carried out during the project as well as to the subsequent recommendations; the aim of the project is to make local authorities and all relevant professionals and organisations aware of the specific needs of young Roma people. This publication aims particularly at improving our understanding of their attitude towards drugs in order to take into better consideration the specific characteristics of the young Roma people who are particularly vulnerable in health and prevention policies.

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