Police: in a period of recession, is it possible to continue as before?

Police: in a period of recession, is it possible to continue as before? CECOPS seminar, Paris 5th and 6th May 2011 The implication of citizens in policing activities can seem natural in the anglo-saxon policing model. The creator of the … More

Volunteer citizens engaged locally in policing activities

How do volunteer citizens work with the police institutions? What is the scope of such engagement activities, and how can they be defined? Are local authorities supporting initiatives to engage citizens in patrolling, controlling and reassurance activities? What evaluation is available … More

CECOPS, London Metropolitan Police Service, January 2010

The European Forum for Urban Security is a partner of the project “Community Engagement for Civic Order Policing and Security” (CECOPS). This 2 year project is lead by the Metropolitan Police Service in London. The other partners are an Italian research … More

Service to citizens Unit, Alcobendas, Spain, 2010

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Research report – Home Office, December 2009, Improving public confidence in the police

In the context of a strong governmental focus to improve the relations between the police and population, the Home Office, United Kingdom, published a study in December 2009. It re-affirms the pertinence of community policing and gives evidence-based guidance to … More

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