Launch of the Efus-led LOUD (Local Young Leaders for Inclusion) project in Paris

Paris, France, March 2019 The partners in the new European project LOUD (Local Young Leaders for Inclusion), which is led by Efus, met on 18-19 March in Paris (FR) for the project’s kickoff. Through LOUD, young people and local authorities work together to produce alternative narratives to extremism and intolerance to be disseminated locally with the aim of strengthening social inclusion, in particular for young people.

> Establishing a common ground of understanding between partners

Representatives from the 9 partner local authorities – Leuven (BE), L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES), Augsburg, Düsseldorf (DE), Pella (GR), Rosny-sous-bois, Montreuil, Lille and Valenciennes Métropole (FR) – as well as the three partner associations – Eurocircle, Fondazione Mondinsieme (IT), and Avp. Streetwork@online (avp e.v) (DE) – and the external experts met with Efus Programme Managers  to discuss the project’s thematic scope, target groups and planned activities.

One of the objectives of the meeting was to establish a common ground of understanding around the concepts of discriminatory violence and radicalisation leading to violent extremism, using notably the definitions established and published through previous European projects led by Efus (see Preventing Discriminatory Violence at the Local Level: Practices and Recommendations and Preventing and Fighting Radicalisation at the Local Level)

> Identifying problems of discrimination and intolerance in the partner cities

The second day of the meeting was devoted to the methodology developed by Efus and the project’s partner organisations and experts to conduct a local needs assessment. During the first phase of the project, between March and September, the partner local authorities will identify local problems of discrimination, exclusion and intolerance as well as the resources available locally, in particular local associations and youngsters, that could be mobilised to take part in developing local alternative narrative campaigns.

The three partner associations, Eurocircle, Mondinsieme and streetwork@online, presented their work in the field of interculturality and youth mobilisation, which will be useful in the second phase of the project when designing training sessions for young people.

> Alternative narratives to extremism and intolerance produced by young people for young people

The European-funded LOUD project seeks to increase intercultural awareness as a way to strengthen social inclusion and cohesion and prevent young people from drifting into intolerance and extremist behaviours. One of the main goals of the project is to enhance local authorities’ and young people’s capacities to produce alternative narratives to extremist and intolerant messages.