Erasmus project “Towards a European Master in Urban Security” (2008/2010)

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Consultation of the cities’ training needs in urban safety. Please click here for the questionnaire.

Erasmus project “Towards a European Master in Urban Safety”
Questions of safety and prevention have become omnipresent in the management of public affairs. At all levels of governance the expectations in terms of security have led to the creation of new types of jobs. New job profiles such as “safety/prevention coordinator” have appeared in local authorities and private companies all over Europe. Carrying out this function requires a transversal approach of crime prevention and knowledge of several academic disciplines. Moreover, there is no European training programme at graduate level (master), which would bring together the necessary competences.
For several years, the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) together with a number of universities have created an informal network, which aims at developing a European proposal, which could satisfy these training needs. Thanks to the support of the European Commission (Erasmus – lifelong learning programme) five European universities and the European Forum now have the opportunity to work together and to create together a proposal for a master programme in urban security (EMUS).
The centre for police studies and research at the University of Toulouse 1 (France), the faculty of criminal justice and security at the University of Maribor (Slovenia), the school for criminology at the University of Liège (Belgium), the programme “Management of the City” at the Open University of Catalonia (Spain), the  Centre for technology and society at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), coordinated by the European Forum for Urban Safety, share their experiences and competences in order to create a European master programme. The project will also benefit form know-how and experiences other interested universities or training centres are willing to contribute.  
The EMUS project aims at elaborating a training content, which is inclusive and interdisciplinary, making use of insights gained in disciplines such as criminology, political science, law, geography, sociology and others, and which draws on research as well as on practical experiences.
This master programme wants to provide professional training, by taking into account the needs of the labour market. It will familiarise students with the work in the field through internships and enhance the mobility of students and teachers in the field in Europe.
The working method is based on a scheme jointly developed since 2004. It is characterised by a first phase of research dedicated to identifying existing training modules, specifying the needs of the labour market, and analysing the possibilities to take into account professional experiences and the options for giving out a genuine European diploma. The second phase will define the basis for the master programme to be created. It will define the founding principals, the pedagogical content, and the modalities of internships and the exchange of students and teachers. In the last phase a detailed curriculum of the master will be defined.
This curriculum will be accompanied by a quality chart, which specifies the conditions under which universities can propose the master programme.
The project also includes the development of pedagogical tools to facilitate the implementation of the master programme. Firstly, training modules will be developed, particularly for distance learning. Secondly, the modalities for jointly proposing the master in urban security will be defined.
All the information on the EMUS project and the consortium of universities will soon be available on the website of the project.
For further details, do not hesitate to contact Carla Napolano or Sebastian Sperber.

Project period: November 2008 until November 2010
Funding: Co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of the lifelong learning programme – Erasmus
Project leader: Centre for police studies and research at the University of Toulouse 1, France
Coordinator: European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)