Sussex first to sign up to CCTV Efus Charter in the United Kingdom

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Sussex Police Authority has signed up to the Charter for the democratic use of video surveillance March 10th 2011 thereby becoming the first signing party in the UK.

“I am very proud of Sussex Police’s involvement in this Charter and to witness the first UK Authority signing up to its principles”, said Chief Superintendent Chris Ambler. Sussex Police was one of the ten partners of the project “Citizens, cities and video surveillance”, which had significantly contributed to the outcomes of the project. In particular, its way of organising the independent oversight of its CCTV system had been seen with much interest: Its Independent CCTV Monitoring Scheme actually entrusts an important part of the oversight function to ordinary citizens.

Dr Laurie Bush, Chairman of Sussex Police Authority underlined that the principles have long been adhered to in Sussex, and that by signing this Charter, Sussex hoped to cement these values and help reassure the public that Sussex Police is using CCTV, an often controversial tool of modern policing, responsibly and with respect for citizen’s rights and data protection.

While the formal endorsement of the Charter was an important moment for Sussex police and the police authority, CCTV partners in Sussex know that what counts is to apply these principals in every day life and to in-cooperate them into the partnership arrangements that govern CCTV schemes in Sussex. Dr Bush declared: “It is now up to us to follow this Charter through and prove its importance to partners and the public alike”

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