Democracy, Cities and Drugs project (DC&D) – 2005-2007

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Role of the EFUS Project: Manager
IREFREA-Italy, ITACA-Europe, GRUP IGIA (Spain), SANANIM (Czech Republic), ABD (Spain), Espoir Goutte d’or (France), 3TE-UK (United Kingdom), EURO-TC, ALIA, Basics Network, DrogArt (Slovenia), Modus Vivendi (Belgium), VWS-Veiren Weiener Sozialprojekte   (Austria) Crew 2000 (UK), Soda (Belgium), Dia+logs (Lettonia),  Drug Scouts (Germany), Eve & Rave (Germany), Spica (Croatia), Techno Plus (France), Drop In (Italy), Pompidou Group, University John Moore Liverpool (UK), Universitad de Tarragona (Spain), Club Health Conference, Generalidad de Catalunya, City of   Matosinhos (Portugal), City of La Spezia (Italy), City of Argenteuil (France), City of Charleroi (Belgium), City of la Rochelle (France), City of Saint Gilles (Belgium), City of Prague (Czech Republic)…
The “Democracy, Cities and Drugs ” project (DC&D) gathers around the EFUS an alliance of organisations issued from 7 European networks of the civil society. This alliance aims to promote local and integrated   responses to the phenomenon of drug use .
Based on the comparison of experiences led   by a pilot network of cities and NGOs, the project intends to support the development of local partnerships and to set up a lasting exchanges and know-how network.
Duration:               3 years (2005-2007)
Contact:                Thierry Charlois
Financing:              The project is co-financed by the European Commission 

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