Meeting in Marseille on European educational programmes and local policies

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Marseille, 8 December 2011 – How important are European education and training programmes in local policies? This was the theme of a meeting organised on December 8 in Marseille by the French agency Europe Education and Training (see below), in charge of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union in France.

The Vice-Mayor of Le Havre (France), Bertrand Binctin, who is member of Efus Executive Committee, was a speaker at a round table as well as in a workshop. He explained how European training programmes such as the Falprev project, in which Le Havre is a partner, can play a significant role in security policies such as the prevention of reoffending.

The key question to which Mr Binctin had to answer, as a local elected official, was: why is it interesting for cities like Le Havre to get involved in European projects? “Apart from funding, which has a leverage effect, participating in European projects such as those led by Efus with the support of the European Commission allows elected officials and municipal services to meet, exchange, talk, and share their best practices at a European level as we did recently in Brasov, Belfast, Turin, Göttingen and Valencia,” he said. “At a local level, in my city, this allows for public services, institutions, and associations working in the area of social services who did not – or barely – know each other to meet, and to establish lasting links that boost the dynamism of our city”.

Mr Binctin also talked about the resolution on reoffending adopted by the Executive Committee during its last meeting in Nantes, on October 13 and 14. This resolution states that prevention is not a cost but rather and investment, and reaffirms the recommendations adopted in the wake of a previous project on reoffending entitled “Innovative strategies for the prevention of reoffending”.

Efus was also represented by Mark Burton-Page, project manager, who presented the results of the Falprev project. Participants in the meeting were particularly interested in the e-learning programme that is currently being developed.

The agency Europe Education Training France (Europe-Education-Formation-France) is a public interest group (GIP according to the French acronym) supervised by three French ministries. It centralises all the activities taking place in France in relation to Europe’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Located in Bordeaux, it has a staff of 87. It manages projects, launches initiatives, and is also in charge of strategy.