Event: Summit of Mayors “Alliance of European Cities Against Violent Extremism”, 9 November, Rotterdam

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Summit of Mayors
“Alliance of European Cities Against Violent Extremism”
9 November, Rotterdam


European local elected officials and representatives of local and regional authorities will discuss the current state of play in the area of the prevention of radicalisation and the available capacity-building resources for local bodies, during a conference organised by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Efus and the municipality of Rotterdam, on 9 November in the Dutch city.

This Summit of Mayors “Alliance of European Cities Against Violent Extremism” follows up on the November 2015 conference in Aarhus, Denmark, which gathered local authorities to discuss radicalisation and its prevention, and resulted in the creation of the Alliance of European Cities and the adoption of the “Declaration of Aarhus”.

The morning session will be dedicated to the many developments in the field of preventive policies in Europe since the Aarhus conference, particularly in the wake of the terrorist attacks in various European cities. Local elected officials and representatives from the cities of Aarhus, Barcelona, Bordeaux, London, Malaga, Malmö and Vilvoorde will present their local strategy and how they have adapted it following the recent events.

Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to take part in study visits organised by the city of Rotterdam about its approach and initiatives regarding the prevention of radicalisation.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to capacity building. Different tools at the disposal of local authorities, both at the political and technical level, will be presented. Furthermore, Efus, the Congress and other regional and international networks and working groups on the prevention of radicalisation will present their resources in this field.

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Practical Information

If you wish to attend the conference, please contact Juan Cristellys cristellys@efus.eu
For press request, please contact Elsa Fontanille fontanille@efus.eu

Registration is free but mandatory (subject to availability).

Simultaneous interpretation available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Turkish.


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