The SPORT + project “European Prize for Social Integration through Sport”

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The SPORT + project “European Prize for Social Integration through Sport” aimed to exchange innovative practices on how to strengthen communities and transmit messages of respect, prevention and combating discrimination through sport in cooperation with sport organisations and research institutes.


The objectives of the project were to improve the collection of data, to promote the exchange of practices in the field of sport and the prevention of delinquency and to ensure that local authorities and sports stakeholders work together more effectively.


The project has organised, for the first time in Europe, the European Prize for Social Integration through Sport. Split into five categories, it has rewarded five local sport-based prevention practices and provided for the organisation of Local Sports Days in the five winning cities.

The five categories were:

  •   Prevention of and fight against racism
  •   Promotion of gender equality
  •   Integration of marginalised populations
  •   Integration of populations at risk
  •   Education for active citizenship or fair play


The collection of practices

The Awards Ceremony

The 5 winning practices


The European Prize for Social Integration Through Sport was organised by Efus in the framework of the Sport+ project, in partnership with the ASBL Fan Coaching-Eurofan (Belgium), the University of Saragossa (Spain), the Italian Forum for Urban Security (FISU), the Knowledge Centre for Sport (Netherlands), and the Higher Institute for Police Science and Internal Security (Intituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna, ISCPSI, Portugal).


January 2014-December 2016

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