Senior citizens: Brasov (RO) will launch a “Senior Academy” following the example of Brno (CZ)

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 Brasov, Romania, March 2016 – The municipality of Brasov (Romania) has decided to set up a “Senior Academy” based on the experience of Brno (Czech Republic), following the exchanges held through the working group on senior citizens led by the Generalitat of Catalonia (SP) and Efus, of which both municipalities are member.

Set up by the municipal police of Brno in partnership with the city council and a number of other partners, the “Senior Academy” seeks to teach senior citizens to take actively part in the life of the community and in their own safety.

Representatives of the department of Social Services of Brasov took part in the meeting of the working group on senior citizens held in Brno on 21-22 September 2015 and showed particular interest in the “Senior Academy” programme. Following this, three representatives of the municipality of Brno who are all active participants in the Senior Academy – Stanislav Jaburek, Director of the department of Crime Prevention, Lenka Stepankov, Manager in the department of  Crime Prevention, and Jana Šancová, Deputy Director of the department of Foreign Relations – visited Brasov on 9-12 February 2016 to explain to their Romanian counterparts how the Senior Academy is run and to exchange on how the experience could be transferred. They met with the Brasov Deputy Mayor, Adina-Alexandrina Durbacă, the General Manager of the Department of Social Services, Mariana Topoliceanu, the Executive Assistant of the Department of Social Services, Alina Lupu, as well as with representatives of the various institutions that will be partner in the project: the Brasov local police, the Brasov County Police Inspectorate, the County Council for the elderly, and the managers of a local day centre for seniors. Local media also took part in the meeting.

“Brasov’s project for a Senior Academy seeks to improve seniors’ quality of life by encouraging them to have a safe, active and healthy lifestyle,” said Alina Lupu. Among the topics that will be covered in the “classes” are preventive behaviour at home, in the street and in public transport; healthy and active lifestyle; first aid; risk factors linked to age; modules of self-knowledge and personal development; foreign languages, and modern communications technologies.

The fruitful exchanges and transfer of experience between Brno and Brasov are a direct illustration of Efus’ principle of “cities helping cities” through the sharing of good practices and knowledge, for the benefit of local populations. If you are interested in joining Efus’ working group on senior citizens, please contact Pilar de la Torre:

Jana Šancová, Adina-Alexandrina Durbacă, Lenka Stepankov, Mariana Topoliceanu, Stanislav Jaburek

The team of the City of Brno surrounded by representatives of the local and the county police