Upcoming meeting of the SURVEILLE working group on technologies open to (a limited number of) interested Efus members

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SURVEILLE-logoParis, September 2014 – The third meeting of the Efus SURVEILLE working group on technologies will take place in Paris (France) on 9-10 October 2014, and will be hosted jointly with the city of Paris.  As in prior meetings, participants will discuss issues related to the use of technologies for urban security.

The current research topics and activities of the SURVEILLE project on the efficiency and ethics of surveillance technologies will provide insights and input for the discussion.

Among the activities scheduled on  the agenda of the two-day meeting are an exchange with the SURVEILLE ethics team of Professor Tom Sorell of the University of Warwick, and insights on the use of surveillance technologies by cities who are member of the working group, notably Paris. The meeting will also include visits of the Operational Monitoring Centre (CVO) of the city of Paris and the CCTV system of Paris (PVPP), an exchange with technology developers and a dinner debate on the right to privacy in different locations.

The working group was set up in 2012 as part of the EU-funded FP7 research project “SURVEILLE” on the ethical issues, legal limitations and efficiency of surveillance technologies, in which Efus is a partner.

It gathers policy makers and technicians from Efus member cities and regions who exchange on  the use of technologies and the state of the art in knowledge and research. The working group also shares its findings with researchers and technology developers.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss Efus activities on the topic of technologies once the SURVEILLE project concludes, in May 2015.

Due to the informal and interactive format of the meeting, the number of participants is limited. However, interested Efus members can still contact the Efus secretariat to register (contact@efus.eu – + 33 1 40 64 49 00)