Call for members interested in a working group on the use of social media for local security

Paris, France, June 2016 – Are you using social media as part of your local security policy? Are you confronted with crime through social media? Are you interested in gaining knowledge about social media and crime and crime prevention? Efus … More

How to evaluate surveillance technologies: the SURVEILLE methodology

Convinced of the urgent need, in the collective interest of all, to restore the legality and legitimacy of surveillance technologies while guaranteeing individual liberties, Efus and the partners of the SURVEILLE project have developed a methodology that enables users to … More

Resolution of the Executive Committee on technologies and urban security

Paris, 24 June 2015 – At the end of the 40-month participation in the European research project on ethical issues, legal limitations, and efficiency of surveillance “SURVEILLE”, and building upon • the Efus Charter for a democratic use of video … More

State of the Union conference 2015: The role of local and regional authorities in the European discussion on security and freedom

The European Forum provided a local and regional authority’s perspective to the discussion on security and freedom that took place at this year’s State of the Union conference 6-9 May 2015 in Florence. Florence, Italy, May 2015 – A number … More

State of the Union conference 2015: Shift EU resources to a common urban policy in which mayors could play an important role.

Florence, Italy, May 2015 – The European Forum participated in the fifth annual “State of the Union” high-level conference on the future of Europe organised by the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy), on 6-9 May. Once again, the … More

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