Re-Integration for Ethnic Minority Youth / Haarlem, Netherlands 1997

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Study on foreign isolated minors, Council of Europe, October 2005

  The Council of Europe has asked Efus to carry out a study on isolated minors in France, as well as in Morocco, Spain and Italy. The conclusions of this study were made public at the Malaga conference on 27 … More

Youth Justice Board Website

Click here to discover the initiatives supported by the Youth Justice Board (England and Wales)  such as the Youth Inclusion Programme…

Council of Europe Award: “Young Active Citizens 2004 – Participation of young people in the prevention and fight against violence in everyday life”

  Projects can address any kind of violence in everyday life, for example, domestic violence, gang violence, violence in and around sports grounds or schools, gender–based violence and violence motivated by racism or extremism. Projects should show cooperation between young … More

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