1. General Information :

Vernouillet is a commune in the department of Yvelines and the Île-de-France region. It has especially good road and rail networks. Its economy mainly relies on pharmaceuticals, electronics, the car supply industry and metalworks.

Population:  10,084 inhabitants (2002)


Official Website 

Twinned with: Cheddar (England), Felsberg (Germany)

2. The City in our Network :

The City and Efus

Member since 1993

The City and the French Forum (FFSU)

Member of the Board of Directors, 1995-1999


  • General Assembly, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 22 June 2004
  • National Day for Local Security and Crime Prevention Councils, FFSU, 15 May 2003
  • General Assembly, Bordeaux, 5 October 1995
  • General Assembly, 27 October 1994


  • Mediation meeting: Conflict resolution and alternatives to legal action, 17 March 1994
  • Prevention-Security meeting,13 March 1996