1. General Information :

Porto is a Portuguese city located in the north of the country, and is capital of the Northern region and the District of Porto. Porto encompasses a land area of 41 km², home to a total of 237,591 inhabitants (2010). Greater Porto unites 1.8 million inhabitants (data from 2011), making it the second largest urban area in the country, after Lisbon.

The city of Porto is known around the world for its wine, its historical centre, which has been given World Heritage status by UNESCO, and its football club.

Population: 237,591 inhabitants

Location: Portugal

Official website: Câmara municipal do Porto

Website for Prevention and Security

Local Safety Contract signed in 1996

Twinned with: Liège (Belgium), Bordeaux (France), Bristol (United Kingdom), Jena (Germany), Vigo (Spain) , Duruelo de la Sierra (Spain), León (Spain), Nagasaki (Japan), Shanghai (China), Macau (China),  Recife (Brazil), Neves (São Tomé e Príncipe), Beira (Mozambique), Mindelo (Cape Verde), Luanda (Angola) and Ndola (Zambia)

2. The City and the Network :

The City and Efus

Member since: 2000

Member of the Executive Committee between 2000 and 2003

Participated in: SURVEILLE working group on Technologies, 9-10 October 2014, Paris

3. Best Practice Forms :

City Contract, 2001