1. General Information :

Stains is a city in Seine-Saint-Denis (93) in the Île-de-France region and it is a member of the agglomeration community of Plaine Commune. There is an Urban Free Zone in the Bois Moussay part of the city, and three Sensitive Urban Areas (ZUS): le Clos Saint-Lazare, Allende et le Moulin-Neuf. The city council and Plaine Commune contracted the National Urban Renewal Agency (ANRU) to carry out urban renewal projects for the Cité Jardin (53 million Euros), le Clos Saint-Lazare et Allende (173 million Euros) and Moulin Neuf (9 million Euros). This contract follows on from the Major City Project (Grand Projet Ville, GPV). Clos Saint-Lazare is the largest council estate in the city of Stains with 2,257 flats and houses for 10,000 to 12,000 people; there are 28 community housing buildings with 2,193 flats and 60 houses. After an initial urban renewal project in the 1990s, the city of Stains, in partnership with the regional department of the ODHLM of Seine-Saint-Denis and the State, has been working to transform the district of Clos Saint-Lazare since 1999 through a vast urban project with the ANRU. This project involves renovating 1,277 flats, demolishing and then rebuilding 524 flats, as well as reforming a school group. The Cité-jardin of Stains was built in the period between the First and Second World Wars by the architects Gonnot and Albenque on the site of the former Château de Stains to satisfy workers’ demand for housing; it is low-cost housing that was very comfortable for its time, whilst still having a residential architecture. Now the Cité-jardin is a national heritage and is registered as a site of interest. It is often referenced by architects and town planners who think that it is one of the nicest and most successful housing estates in France.

Population: 34,887 inhabitants

Location: France

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Safety contract: signed in 2009

Twinned with: Luco dei Marsi (Italy), Cheshunt (Great Britain), Saalfeld (Germany), Al Amari (Palestine), Menguémé (Cameroon), Figuig (Morocco)

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The City and Efus

Member since 2004


The City and the French Forum (FFSU)

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  • Assisting the participatory democratic process when creating a municipal police service in Stains, 2008-2009


  • Training session “Municipal Police: their position and doctrines”, Paris, 9-10 September 2009
  • Conference “CCTV: prevention, surveillance or protection?” on the local and national issues concerning the development of CCTV, Paris, 25 June 2008
  • “Training newly elected officials”, Paris, 20 May 2008
  • “Training newly elected officials”, FFSU, 7 October 2008
  • Four-day training session “The law on crime prevention”, FFSU, 2008
  • General Assembly, La Rochelle, 25 June 2007
  • Information meeting “Programme for a local victimisation survey“, FFSU, 2006

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