1. General Information :

Modena is an Italian city located in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Population: 182 931 inhabitants (2009)

Location: Italy

Official website

Website of the crime prevention service

Safety Contract signed in:Modena is the first Italian city to have signed a safety protocol in 1996. It was updated in March 2000 and July 2007

2. The city in our network :

The city and Efus:

Member since: 1997

  • Member of the Executive Committee Member of the Executive Committee from

Member of the Executive Committee: 2005 to 2008

  • in 2009 with consultative status as president of the Italian Forum

Participated in:

  • Efus Executive Committee, Stuttgart, Germany, February 13th 2009
  • Efus Executive Committee, Loures, Portugal, February 1st 2008
  • Efus Executive Committee, Zaragoza, Spain, October 23rd 2007
  • Efus Executive Committee, Budapest, Hungary, March 26th 2007
  • Efus Executive Committee, Brussels, Belgium, October 21st 2005
  • Partner in the project “Local elected officials and crime prevention”, 2004
  • Partner in the SecuCities project « Crime Prevention in Europe », 2001-2002
  • Partner in the SecuCities project “Women victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and transborder cooperation, FIRST STEP”, 1998-1999

Attended :

  • Efus General Assembly, Barcelona, Spain, July 18th 2008
  • Efus General Assembly, Rome, Italy, July 6th 2007
  • International conference of Saragossa, Spain, November 2nd- 4th 2006
  • Efus General Assembly, Piacenza, Italy, June 10th 2005
  • Efus General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, May 10th 2004
  • International Conference on Safety and Democracy, Naples, Italy, 7th-9th December 2000
  • International Conference on Community policing, Lisbon, Portugal, 14th and 15th December 1998

The City and the Italian Forum (FISU):

Hosted :

  • FISU General Assembly, Modena, Spain 12th and 13th November 2009
  • “100 citta per la Sicurezza”, 20th and 21th October 2006

3. Best Practice Forms :

4. Further information :