1. General Information :

Gdańsk is a Polish city on the Baltic coast, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland’s principal seaport and the center of the country’s fourth-largest metropolitan area.

Population: 460.000

Location: Poland

Official website

Website of the crime prevention service

Twinned with:

  • Bremen, Germany
  • Turku, Finland
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Kalmar, Sweden
  • Helsingør, Denmark
  • Marseille, France
  • Rouen, France
  • Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Sefton, England, United Kingdom
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Odessa, Ukraine
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Nice, France
  • Shanghai, China
  • Palermo, Italy
  • Bytów, Poland

2. The city in our network :

The city and Efus:

Member since : 2013

Member of the Executive Committee since : 2016

3. Project Files (Best Practice) :

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4.   Further information :

  • Letter from Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk

Pawel Adamowicz

Dear Efus Members,

We are proud that city of Gdansk has joined European Forum for Urban Security.
It will be great opportunity for Gdansk to exchange knowledge in the field of urban safety and compare politics programmes on local crime prevention.
I hope that our involvement will increase practical knowledge of various dimensions of safety, strengthen citizens safety programmes making the more operative and effective and support feeling of safety factors among citizens.
The engagement of city of Gdansk will give real contribution to other Efus members.
I wish other Efus members a fruitful international cooperation and constructive dialogue.
Sharing our experiences at issue of safety and low aspects and taking up creative, multi
tasks projects should bring real results.
I really hope that our international efforts will create best solutions to enforce policies of
urban safety in european cities.

Sincerely yours,

Paweł Adamowicz
Mayor of the City of Gdansk

  • Presentation Video of Gdansk