Secucities Football network: Euro 2000 cities against racism

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Secucities Football network: Euro 2000 cities against racism

The project ”Secucities Football network: Euro 2000 cities against racism” aimed at encouraging the city hosts of the Euro 2000 to promote integration and the fight against racism through football. The project was carried out with the support from football associations, inhabitants and fan associations.

Efus, in the framework of its work with stadium cities, believed that it was important to examine further if and how an anti-racist element could be included into the global preventive approach of cities hosting international tournaments.

– to organise or enforce a local coalition against racism

– to develop communication tools to raise awareness in the media and the public

Seven of the eight host cities of Euro 2000 (Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Charleroi, Eindhoven, Liège and Rotterdam) decided to participate: they were represented by members of municipal authorities, in the fields of sports, anti-discrimination, police, Euro 2000 bureaus and NGOs.

The other partners of the project were the city of Brent (UK), Secrétariat Permanent à la Politique de Prévention (Belgium), le Centre pour l’égalité des chances (Belgium), Landelijk Bureau ter bestrijding van Rassendiscriminatie – LBR (The Netherlands)

These different representatives and partners met at two seminars, in Liège and in Amsterdam, to develop joint strategies and exchange ideas about their methods and the successes or difficulties they faced. They developed specific action plans along common lines.

The conclusions of the meetings and the experiences of the networking can be found in  Efus’ publication on Secucities Football Network, Euro 2000 cities against racism, 2000.