Rethinking Crime Prevention: IcARUS at the Security, Democracy, and Cities conference

Nice, France, October 2021 – The entire consortium of the Efus-led IcARUS project participated in the Security, Democracy and Cities conference (Nice, 20-22 October) to present the project’s activities and innovative approach to an international audience and contribute to the conference’s debates on urban security policies and practices. 

Also, the conference was an opportunity for the partners to meet in person for the first time since the start of the project, which enriched their on-going collective reflection on building the next steps of the project. 

An ‘experiential’ work session

With the support of their respective teams, Massimo Fattori (Erasmus University), Maud Ridoux  (MakeSense) Genny Dimitrakopoulou (KEMEA), and Efus led a workshop on Design Thinking: an Experiential Session on an Innovative Approach to Urban Security for an audience of practitioners. The session combined a presentation of the Design Thinking approach applied to urban security and crime prevention, which is IcARUS’  overarching methodology, and an interactive session with practical case studies. Participants discussed the approach, its feasibility and its advantages when applied in the domain of urban security. 

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