35 years of local urban security policies: What tools and methods to respond to tomorrow’s challenges? – IcARUS project conference

12 and 13 May in Riga (Latvia)

Follow the livestream provided by the City de Riga ! All the events taking place in the main room (see programme) will be transmitted.

On the occasion of Efus’ General Assembly Meeting, the IcARUS (Innovative AppRoaches to Urban Security) project will hold a day-and-a-half conference.

The purpose of this conference is to foster exchanges among local and regional authorities, academia, civil society and the private sector on their experience and practices of local security policies.

Building on Efus’ work on urban security tools and methodologies, it will be an opportunity to revisit 35 years of urban security policies and share innovative approaches on cross-cutting topics.

Over a day and a half, participants will have the opportunity to take part in thematic and interactive workshops and panels, taking stock of 35 years of local urban security policies and discussing how to adapt existing tools and methods to anticipate and respond to security challenges at a local level.

IcARUS’ objective is to re-think, overhaul and adapt existing tools and methods to help local actors anticipate and better respond to constantly evolving security challenges. The basis of this comprehensive endeavour is the strategic approach to urban security that Efus has long been promoting. IcARUS corresponds to Efus’ long-term objectives, notably the need to involve a wide array of local actors in local urban security policies, to design innovative tools and to make them accessible to as many local and regional authorities, political decision-makers and citizens as possible.

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For any questions, please contact Sarah Diemu-Trémolières, IcARUS Project Manager

The IcARUS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 882749