Security, Democracy & Cities Conference: European cities and regions gather in Brussels to discuss the democratic challenge of security in cities

Security in cities is a major social and political issue. Europe’s cities and regions will come together to address this democratic challenge ahead of the upcoming European elections at Efus’ internationalSecurity, Democracy & Cities conference. The 8th edition of this international and interdisciplinary event will take place in Brussels on 20-22 March 2024, in partnership with the Brussels-Capital Region, represented by, under the auspices of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union.

How to create cities where all citizens feel free and secure? How to react to the multiple crises affecting citizens at the local level? How can cities respond to drugs and trafficking? How to build trust between citizens and public institutions? How to improve coexistence and reduce polarisation? These are some of the questions that will be discussed during the conference.  

Register here to join workshops, field visits, thematic sessions, mayor’s panels and more, to discuss some 20 priority topics that reflect the day-to-day reality of cities in terms of urban security and crime prevention, alongside with local, national and European elected representatives, field practitioners, academics, and more.

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