AUDITS project: Methodological tools for the drafting of local security policies in Europe

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Paris, February 2013 – The AUDITS project, which starts in 2013 for a duration of three years, is centred on methodological tools that can help elaborating a local safety audit. Efus led an important project in this field, which concluded in 2008 with the publication of Local Safety Audits: A Compendium of International Practice. The AUDITS project is a new phase in this process, and is based on two lines of work, a methodological component and a field approach.

Project partners (the German, French and Italian Forums for Urban Security, and the cities of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Stuttgart, Germany)will share their knowledge and expertise, while benefiting from the contributions of associate partners (the Belgian and Portuguese Ministries of the Interior, the Belgian Forum, and the city of Brussels) and experts.

The main objective of this project is to further disseminate the “local safety audits” approach and make it operational.

It is built on three non successive phases:

A – Support project partners in their work on the methodological tools recommended by the Compendium through a series of field visits in cities, in which project partners and experts will participate. The purpose of this phase is to elaborate a common European approach on the methodology of local safety audits.

B – Support cities in their field work (audits, surveys, questionnaires) in order to test on the ground the recommended methodological tools.

C – Production of a European guide on the methodology of local safety audits that can be used by all European cities when conducting a local safety audit.

The first coordination meeting of this project took place in June 2013 during Efus General Assembly. (Read here)