CAT final conference – Speakers’ Presentations

You can now download most of the presentations made during the CITIES AGAINST TERRORISM final conference. The others will be available soon.

Module 1: From Global War to Local Targets: a Multidimensional Issue  
The War on Terror in Historical Perspective. Adam Roberts, University of Oxford, Great Britain  
Democracy, Urbanization and Terrorism: What History Can Tell Us?  Arnaud Blin, French Institute of Strategic Analysis, Paris, France  
Legitimacy and the “War on Terror”. Steven J. Barela, scientific collaborator, “Democracy and Terrorism” Forum, Law Faculty, University of Geneva, Switzerland  
From Nationalism to International Terrorism: a New Threat for the City? Christina Schori Liang, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland    

Module 2: Training Local Representatives in Facing Terrorism: CAT Coordinators’ Reports  
Nelson Lourenço, Universidade Nova de Lisboa/Universidade Atlântica, Portugal  
Henry Shaftoe, University of the West of England, Great Britain  
Jacek Barcik, University of Silesia, Poland  
Hans-Jürgen Kerner, University of Tübingen, Germany
Module 3: Prevention of Terrorism: From Cooperation to Partnership

The City of Brussels under Surveillance: the Case of the European Summits. Luc Ysebaert, Police Officer – Operations Unit, Police of Brussels Capital – Ixelles, Belgium
 British Local Authorities’ Experience in Prevention Terrorism. Spencer Webster, Risk and Emergency Planning, Halton Borough Council, Great Britain
 Madrid after the terrorist attacks from March 2004. Maria Rocio Amador, Police Inspector, National Police, Madrid, Spain

 Module 4: Emergency Responses and Crisis Management after a Terrorist Attack

 Managing assistance for the victims of terrorist acts. European Experiences. Lina Kolesnikova, Consultant, CS&A – Consultancy on Risk and Crisis Management, Brussels, Belgium
 Victims of Terrorism: the Psychosocial Response of the Security Forces. Frederico Galvão da Silva, Captain, Guardia Nacional Republicana – GNR, Bruno Brito, Psychologist – GNR, Portugal

 Module 5: Terrorism and Intercommunity Relations
 Working with Local Communities. Asima Shaikh, Community Cohesion & Conflict Resolution – NRA, Great Britain
 Trust-Building Measures: Cooperation between Minorities and the Police in Germany. Mounir Azzaoui, Central Council of Muslims in Germany
 Minimising the Breeding Grounds of Terrorism Through Community Development and Social Inclusion for Immigrant and Minority Groups. !qbal Aslam, Community Development Worker with Stichting Wijkwerk Leeuwarden, Holland
 The Fight against Terrorism and the Risk of Stigmatisation of Minorities. Alain Grignard, Police Officer, Head of the Antiterrorist Unit, Belgian Federal Police and Lecturer at the University of Liege, Belgium

 Module 6: Institutional responses to terrorism: a European perspective
 NATO campaigns against terrorism: a political and military response. Dagmar de Mora Figueroa, Defence Policy and Capabilities Directorate, NATO International Secretariat
 International cooperation and law enforcement. Humbert de Biolley, Council of Europe Liaison Office with the European Union
 The EU Counter Terrorism Task Force: Towards New Challenges? Radica Nusdorfer, Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission
Conclusions of the project. Frédéric Esposito, EFUS project manager