Efus’ mandate in the European Commission Civil Society Forum on Drugs renewed for two years

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Drugs constitute probably the most controversial theme of urban security policies: It cristallizes ideological standpoints, and it generates many debates although more seldomly means of action. It is also an area which involves many different actors at the local level, whose skills, areas of work and methods are often complementary but also at times incompatible.

This situation, however, does not mean that things are at a standstill.

At least, not at the local level, from where there is a constant stream of new initiatives based on ever-wider partnerships and, more and more, on a healthy pragmatism.

Things are also moving at the European level. The European Commission set up a few years ago a consultative body dedicated to the area of drugs. The Civil Society Forum on Drugs includes as members many specialised associations, users’ groups and other networks. It meets several times a year. As a representative of civil society, its mission is to give advice and suggest proposals.

Efus’ mandate in this Forum has been renewed for the period 2011-12. We will of course keep you informed of any new development.