Prevention of radicalisation: start of the LIAISE training cycle

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Paris, France, May 2015 – Repressive responses fall short of tackling the issue of radicalisation and violent extremism. Prevention is also essential to counter these phenomena. This is why the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) proposes a series of actions aimed at building the capacities of cities and local authorities to fight radicalisation leading to violent extremism and terrorism.

Since September 2014, Efus is leading the European project “Local institutions against extremism” (LIAISE), which gathers eight cities from five European countries as well as two specialised organisations, the British think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the German association for inter-cultural exchange Cultures Interactive. Financed by the European Commission, the project seeks to develop a training course on radicalisation based on the needs expressed by local authorities.

The LIAISE training cycle

After a first consultation phase, the cycle of four two-day training sessions has started with a session in London, on 9-10 July. The course was be hosted by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and focused on the prevention policies implemented in the UK in the past ten years. It presented the concepts underlying these policies as well as national programmes and examples of actions carried out by local governments. What type of action works and what remains to be done? This session gave insights on the British experience.

LIAISE_organisation of training sessions_dec 2015

The other training sessions will take place 28-29 October 2015 in Augsburg (Germany), 21-22 January 2016 in Brussels (Belgium), and 15-16 February 2016 in Malmö (Sweden). They will address topics such as raising awareness among field workers, drafting a local strategy involving different actors, local approaches for de-radicalisation and disengagement, local communication strategy and counter-narrative, support to families, and resilience and prevention at school.

How to take part in the training

Since European cities are keenly interested in working on this issue, the project has opened the training sessions to Efus members who are not taking part in LIAISE. A limited number of local authorities can register for one or more sessions. A €600 contribution will be requested.

Furthermore, at this stage of the project it is still possible for an Efus member to join as associate partner. This gives access to all related services (training, network of experts, exchanges…). A €3000 financial contribution will be requested (all project partners contribute the same amount), which covers in particular the travel expenses of one person representing the city/local authority taking part in the project.

Other services linked to the prevention of radicalisation

Efus offers other on-demand services linked to the prevention of radicalisation, independently from the LIAISE project:

  • Organising study visits
  • Training on specific topics (to be defined with you)
  • Support to local authorities for the design and implementation of a local strategy for preventing radicalisation or for creating a pilot-project
  • Organising specific events

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