LIAISE II : implemeting local actions

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Co-financed by the European Union, the project “Local institutions against violent extremism II), leaded by Efus, has strengthened the network of local authorities mobilised to prevent violent radicalisation. Thanks to European exchanges and  the implementation of pilot actions, policy and methodological recommendations to implement local strategies against violent radicalisation have been developed. The project produced political recommendations included in Efus’Manifesto and a methodological guide that can be used by all local authorities willing to engage in the prevention of the phenomenon.

This project was based on the results of the first LIAISE project, also co-financed by the EU, initiated in 2014 by Efus with a group of nine cities from five European countries.


Led by Efus, LIAISE 2 gathers 29 partner organisations in 10 countries, 18 cities and three regions, as well as four national Forums for urban security and three thematic non-governmental organisations : Alexandroupoli (GR), Augsburg (DE), Bagneux (FR), Barcelona (ES)*, Bologna (IT), Bordeaux (FR), Brno (CZ)*, Bruxelles (BE), Charleroi (BE), Düsseldorf (DE), Essen (DE), La Haye (NL), L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES), Liège (BE), Louvain (BE), Malmö (SE), Montreuil (FR)*, Paris (FR), Reggio Emilia (IT), Rotterdam (NL)*, Sarcelles (FR), Setubal (PT), Toulouse (FR), the Protection of the constitution of Bremen (DE)*, the State of Bavaria (DE)*, the Generalitat of Catalonia (ES), the Departmental Council of Val d’Oise (FR), the Belgian, French, German, and Italian Forums for Urban Security, Ufuq (DE), Culture Interactive e.V*  and the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).


Organisation of 5 European thematic seminars :


  • Efus supported the development and implementation of 17 local pilot actions covering various aspects of the prevention of violent radicalisation: awareness raising of local actors, alternative and counter narratives, support for families, strengthening the resilience of young people …
  • Collaborative development of political recommendations for the involvement of local authorities to prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism
  • Writing of a methodological guidebook to delve further into the recommendations provided by the publication Preventing and Fighting Radicalisation at the Local Level. This guide details each stage of the development of a local strategy for the prevention of radicalisation. For each one, methodological advice is provided, explaining the potential obstacles to the strategy and ways to overcome them. Local practices are also presented.
  • Writing of 4 thematic summary notes on different aspects of violent radicalisation


Within the LIAISE 2 project, Efus produced the following resources :

  • The Reintegration of Prisoners engaged in Violent Extremism through Restorative Justice: findings and lessons from Northern Ireland
  • Local and national policies against discrimination, hate crimes and radicalisation in Poland
  • The Contribution of Social Media Analysis to the Prevention of Polarisation and Extremism
  • Conspiracism and extremism: What role can prevention and local actors play?



January 2016 – January 2018


Emilie Petit –


Co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union


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