Project: Local Institutions Against Violent Extremism II (LIAISE 2)

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Co-funded by the European Union, the project “Local Institutions Against Violent Extremism II” (LIAISE 2) seeks to strengthen the capacities of local and regional European authorities to prevent and tackle the issue of radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

LIAISE 2 gathers European cities and regions and develops cooperation throughout Europe within a dedicated network. This approach is in line with the alliance of European cities against violent extremism that was initiated jointly by Efus and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.


Led by Efus, LIAISE 2 gathers 29 partner organisations in 10 countries, 18 cities and three regions, as well as four national Forums for urban security and three thematic non-governmental organisations: Alexandroupoli (GR), Augsburg (DE), Bagneux (FR), Barcelona (ES)*, Bologna (IT), Bordeaux (FR), Brno (CZ)*, Bruxelles (BE), Charleroi (BE), Düsseldorf (DE), Essen (DE), La Haye (NL), L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES), Liège (BE), Louvain (BE), Malmö (SE), Montreuil (FR)*, Paris (FR), Reggio Emilia (IT), Rotterdam (NL)*, Sarcelles (FR), Setubal (PT), Toulouse (FR), the Protection of the constitution of Bremen (DE)*, the State of Bavaria (DE)*, the Generalitat of Catalonia (ES), the Departmental Council of Val d’Oise (FR), the Belgian, French, German, and Italian Forums for Urban Security, Ufuq (DE), Culture Interactive e.V*  and the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).


LIAISE 2 delivers training sessions to local authorities partner of the project and helps them to set up pilot projects in which they apply locally the knowledge gained during the training sessions as well as develop innovative practices. It will also organise five European conferences on different aspects of the issue of radicalisation. 

LIAISE 2 builds on the results of the first LIAISE project, which was also co-funded by the EU. Initiated in 2014 by Efus with a group of nine cities from five European countries, LIAISE is working on a training programme and a guide for local authorities with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a UK-based think tank specialised on extremism, and the German non-governmental organisation Ufuq, which works on intercultural dialogue.

A logical continuation of LIAISE, LIAISE 2 uses the tools created through the first project and disseminates them to a larger number of cities.

About the seminars:
– “European cities facing radicalisation: communication and counter-narratives” – 26-27 May 2016, Bordeaux (France)
– “How to assess the impact of preventive actions against radicalisation?” – 11-12 October 2016, Leuven (Belgium)
– “Prevention of radicalisation in the context of probation and prison” – 29 March 2017, The Hague (Netherlands)
–  “The rise of polarisation and radicalisation in Europe” – 19 May 2017, Rimini (Italy)


January 2016-January 2018


Juan Cristellys
Emilie Petit

* Associate partners

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