The Valenciennes’ scheme to prevent domestic violence, winner of the French Crime Prevention Award 2013

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Paris, 6 December 2013- The Crime Prevention Award, which has been awarded every year for the past six years by the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU), was given to the scheme for the prevention of domestic violence that was set up in Valenciennes (in the Nord department).

Winner of a €10,000 prize, the Valenciennes scheme is run by the local associations AJAR (Association for Justice, Welcome and Rehabilitation) and La Pose, as well as the Valenciennes branch of the Information Centre on the Rights of Women and Families (CIDFF) and the Integrated Welcome and Orientation Service (SIAO) of Hainaut.

This high-level partnership action focuses on various aspects of domestic violence and includes primary, secondary and tertiary prevention (as per the World Health Organisation’s classification). The programme includes organising awareness campaigns in schools on the topic of gender equality and help for both victims and perpetrators, such as: material support; emergency accommodation for victims; assistance to victims; training and advice for couples in relationships; social, judicial and psychological help; support groups for adults and children; and judicial mediation. The scheme offers multidisciplinary support for both emergency situations and help in finding long-term solutions, particularly through observation.

The aim is “to have a real impact on the reduction of domestic violence”, which represents around 70% of the total number of offences committed in the Valenciennes region that are not motivated by financial gain. Valenciennes is a particularly disadvantaged region; 10 of the 30 poorest cities in France are found there.

This scheme was chosen from among 120 applications by a panel of professionals in the field of prevention and it represented France at the European Crime Prevention Award Ceremony which took place on 11-12 December 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania (see article).

It should be noted that the French Crime Prevention Award this year was on the topic of domestic violence, just as France adopted its fourth governmental plan to prevent and combat violence against women (2014-2016), which focuses on three priorities:
1) To organise public action based on a principle of simple action: no reported act of violence should go unanswered;
2) To protect victims;
3) To mobilise society as a whole. (To download the plan in PDF format, click here).