Second meeting of the IMPPULSE project for the improvement of police-population relations

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Milan, Italy, October 2014 – The second meeting of the partners of the IMPPULSE project for the improvement of police-population relations, which is led by Efus and cofinanced by the European Commission, was held in Milan (Italy) on 23 October. It gathered Efus and the project partners: the cities of Nantes, Amiens, Toulouse and Aubervilliers in France, Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, the police zone of Brussels-Ixelles and BRAVVO (the prevention department of Brussels) in Belgium, as well as Lisbon in Portugal.

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Efus’ project managers gave an update on the project, following which the partners presented the pilot-project they will develop as part of the IMPPULSE project. Each of them presented the actions they are planning to carry out, the implementation timetable, the budget, and the indicators for the evaluation of these pilot-projects. There was also a brainstorm on guidelines and recommendations that can serve as a common basis for the pilot-projects carried out by cities as part of IMPPULSE.

Throughout the project, the partners will have the support of an ad hoc committee gathering academics and qualified organisations and individuals. One of them is the president of the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU), Roger Vicot, who presented the resolution adopted in February 2014 by the FFSU Executive Committee titled “For a national police serving citizens” (available in French only). The objectives presented in this resolution are similar to those of IMPPULSE.

Another member of the support committee, Chris Williams, who is in charge of security for the London borough of Brent, presented the challenges and evolution of police-population relations in the United Kingdom since the creation of the London Met police up to today.

Following the meeting, participants visited the operation centre of the municipal police of Milan, who presented their schemes for the management of large events, emergencies and telephone calls.

Gilles Nicolas, Deputy Mayor of Nantes, presented the progress of the project at the Efus Executive Committee meeting held the following day also in Milan.

About the IMPPULSE project

Scheduled to carry on until the end of 2015, in particular through pilot-actions to be carried out in the project partner cities, IMPPULSE seeks to strengthen police-population relations, draft political recommendations, and deliver tools for the evaluation of practices and pilot-projects in terms of their impact and usefulness for both the police and the population. Efus ambitions to deliver results that will be shared with all the cities member of the network, and to advocate its recommendations at the national and European level.


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