Civil protection financial instrument 2010

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Efus Proposal
Preparatory Note, Civil Security Project

Dossier to be submitted 31 March 2010

D.G Environment – Civil Protection Programme – Prevention Project Sub-section

Among the various possibilities, we shall focus on the objective of bringing together appropriate actors and policies throughout the entire process of crisis management
Within this context, two central themes seem especially appropriate:
– projects aiming to improve the wider public’s knowledge and understanding of the subject of prevention (including children and actions put in place in schools)
– projects concerning the organisation and management of prevention (decision-making procedure, prevention-policy management at the local, regional and national levels, involvement of appropriate actors).
These two core themes can be treated simultaneously but it would also be possible to choose only one.
In concrete terms, the project’s goal will be to explore and assemble existing knowledge and practice within the field, with as its common thread the local level, its competences, its opportunities for action and what can practically be done at this level. The notion of sustainable development will also be integrated into the research.
The result will be a study, a summary regrouping notably the best practices as well as the cities’ expectations, and those of the local level more generally, in this area.
During a preparatory phase of six months, knowledge and best practices within the field will be brought together.
There will then be a meeting held in each city, during which the partners will meet those actors concerned with crisis management within each city, in order ultimately to establish the best mechanisms, the principle obstacles, improvements etc. at the local level with the goal of producing recommendations. Finally, the final months will be dedicated to the publication of the study.

Total budget of the programme: 1,700,000 euros
Maximum budget of the project: 500,000 euros
Co-financing by the European Commission: 75 %
Start of the project: November 2010
The project will last 18 months and will bring together five partners (Efus + 4 cities or local authorities)

E.g.: Project €100,000: Partners (including Efus) would have to contribute €25,000 (€5,000 each)