Security & Tourism: partner cities draft their final recommendations

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Logo S&T-quadriParis, March 2015 – As the European project Security & Tourism enters its final phase prior to the closing conference on 25 June in Paris, the project partners met in Paris on 16-17 February to discuss the recommendations that will be included in the final publication.

The project’s previous phase, in April–October 2014, consisted in a series of exchange visits among the partner cities and the realisation of local audits on security issues linked to tourism, which were carried out with the support of external experts.

Exchanges at the Paris meeting were intense and rich, and the partners agreed on the themes that will be the basis of their recommendations. Partners discussed a series of themes and questions: What are the links between security and tourism? What role do cities play in tackling issues linked to security and tourism? What types of partnerships should they set up and lead? What are the prevention tools? How to manage the image of a city as a tourism destination taking into account the security aspects? How to manage the safety of tourists when they move around, and how to manage those who are victim? What challenges does the presence of tourists in public spaces pose to security, and how to address massive inflows of tourists in small public areas?

Apart from these key issues, the partners also discussed the objectives and agenda of the final conference as well as the follow-up to the project that will conclude in July 2015.

Started in January 2013, the European project Security & Tourism gathers seven European cities and an association: Alba (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Brasov (Romania), Brussels (Prevention department, BRAVVO, Belgium), Munich (Germany), Rome (Italy), Saint-Denis (France) and the Portuguese Association for Victim Support APAV.