International Seminar ‘DECIBEL’: Itinerary at Night: discos, music, drugs, alcohol, road safety, City of Rabat-Hassan, Kingdom of Morocco4-6/ 11/ 1993

International Seminar ‘DECIBEL’: Itinerary at Night: nightclubs, music, drugs, alcohol, road safety, city of Rabat-Hassan, Kingdom of Morocco, 4-6 November 1993

This conference was organised by Efus and the Youth Service of the Department for the Quality of Life (Municipality of Turin) and was financed by the European Commission.

Objectives of the seminar:
To create sensitivity, encourage confrontation and collaboration, create a network, establish occasions of exchanges and knowledge, by directly involving representatives of the sector, such as public administrators, DJs, party organisers etc., the owners and runners of bars, clubs, pubs etc., the regional press, police forces, representatives of justice, social workers, experts who work in medical, psychological and sociological services.

City partners:
Rabat-Hassan (Kingdom of Morocco), Emilia Romagna, Turin, the city of Ferrara (Italy), Thessaloniki (Greece), Perpignan (France), Portsmouth (UK), Alicante (Spain).