State, social control and deviance

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I had the fortune of reading on holiday “Stato, controllo sociale e devianza” (“State, social control and deviance”) by Dario Melossi and edited by Bruno Mondadori.
I found this book wonderful and I hope the author agrees with me when I say that it is really “mature” (if I’m not mistaken, the author’s been thinking about if for thirty years).
The good thing about the book is the way in which it is structured into five historical sections, looking at aspects on both sides of the Atlantic (including the little Atlantic in Europe, which is The English Channel), and the way that it looks to rebuild the link which existed during the development of our society, in Europe and in North America, through political, sociological and criminological thought.  It is also a book which allows you to see “out of the box”, whilst relying on democratic forces, which in this era are working well.
It’s definitely a book to “study”, but is above all a fascinating book which deals with technical, political, administrational, poly-technical, and as Recasens says, security policies.
Naturally you need to have patience in order to read a book of 306 dense pages, but also you must read it from an educated and one dimensional point of view, so definitely a “job” for the holidays.  But don’t despair as the Christmas holidays or summer holidays 2004 are coming soon: I don’t believe in fact that one year to the next changes very much in many respects, and a mediated work lasts for such a long time and covers such a vast arch of history.
Forgive me for the enthusiasm, happy returns to all.

Cosimo Braccesi