Belgium profile

Last update : 07.04

1.Crime statistics

Crime rate (2002): 95,43  ‰
Main Offences (2002):
Theft : 486.239
Goods offences, vandalism : 103.310
People offences : 70.208
Drug related crime : 40.856
Offenders : data non available
Prison population (2002) : 9.249
Occupancy level (2002): 114,3%
Age of criminal responsibility : 18 ( or 16, depending of the circumstances)
National victimisation survey : –
More about crime stats  : National Institute of Statistics (INS)

2. Safety and crime prevention (general)

Police forces: 38.755  (3.78  per thousand inhabitants)
Judicial system workforce: 2.544
Private security forces : –
Relevant NGO’s operating in the field of crime prevention: The Belgium forum for urban safety (BFUS) depending of the Efus (European Forum for Urban Safety)

3. Competence of State, regional and local authorities

National actions plans : The Federal Plan for Safety and Penitentiary Policy (2000), The National Safety Plan ( annual plan defining the way of collaboration between the different police )

Regional level sphere of competence: –
Local authorities: Local police,  elaboration of local contracts for prevention and safety
Role of elected officials (city mayors): head of the local police / head of crime prevention strategy

4. Partnerships and co-operation in the field of crime prevention

National Crime Prevention Council : : Permanent secretary for the prevention policy (SPP) scientific analyse of criminality, formation, co-ordination of the local projects
National action plan: creation of the Local contracts for safety and prevention in 1992
Partnership structures at the regional level: commissions for criminal prevention ( provincial level)
Partnership structures at the local level: Yes
Local contracts for prevention and safety. Number : 75, co-financed  by the federal government

5. Main Debates

Road safety, Urban violence, incivilities, robberies