International meeting on good practices for youth from Europe and Latin America, 20 September – 5 October 2007, Argentina

  This meeting, which took place from 20 September to 5 October 2007, encouraged exchanges on good practices focused on three themes: work, migration and violence. Participants worked in three different groups (made up in part by members from Latin … More

Report on homeless children in Romania (2003)

Click here for M T. Willette’s report  (from the Seine Saint Denis Council) on homeless Romanian children (in French).

Visionary: a website about school bullying and violence

Visionary is a European collaborative project on school bullying and violence (SBV), addressing teachers, parents, professionals, pupils and others interested in the topic. The portal aims to help all who search for background information on SBV, project descriptions, good practice, … More

Programme Insertion – European Volonteer Service, 1998-2000

Programme Insertion – European Volonteer Service, 1998-2000 The principal objective was to encourage the integration of young Europeans through a project that allowed geographical, cultural and professional mobility. This pilot project took the format of a sixth-month stay in a … More

Young people and the city/Bellaria, Italy, 2008

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