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European Commission Justice


European Union Network for Crime Prevention

The French, Belgian and Luxemburg Forums for Urban Safety are civil society contact points within this network.


Délégation interministérielle de la Ville (DIV)


Mission Interministérielle de lutte contre la drogue et la toxicomanie (MILDT)


European Alliance for Drug Policies and Practices

The European Alliance for Drug Policies and Practices (EADPP) is an alliance of European networks acting in the drug field in which Efus promotes the role of the elected officials to tackle drug-related issues.


Council of Europe

Response to Violence project: in partnership with other international organisations and NGOs such as the European Forum for Urban Security, the primary objective of this project is to help decision-makers and other protagonists involved to implement comprehensive policies for combating violence while respecting human rights and the rule of law.


Pompidou Group / EXASS Net: Efus is also involved in a network on local drug policies led by the Council of Europe.


International Center for Crime Prevention (Montreal)

The EFUS is secretary of the ICPC


United Nations Settlements Programme (UN HABITAT)


Association Jeunes Errants


National Community Safety Network (UK)

Representing over 430 members and organisations in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, the National Community Safety Network (NCSN) is a practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety/crime reduction throughout the United Kingdom. Efus runs a regular column in NCSN’s monthly network news.



The Eurofan project aims both to promote exchanges and the dissemination of European good practices of hooliganism prevention, and to facilitate the sharing of scientific studies about this phenomenon in Europe. Efus is a member of this network.


Crime prevention sourcebook

One of the most efficient sites in Europe with lots of information from across Europe and an advanced elearning programme on crime prevention.


German Congress on Crime Prevention

The German Congress on Crime Prevention aims to present and strengthen various crime prevention initiatives every year. Efus regularly participates in Congress activities.


Safety and Liberty

This is the website of Gilbert Bonnemaison, first president of Efus. He started to develop a specific approach to crime prevention and safety matters in France, Europe and at an international level. (Only in French)


Analytica Consulting Services

Analytica Consulting Services specialises in services related to Community Safety, Criminal Justice and Regeneration. It is directed by Mr Sohail Husain, who is a close collaborator of the European Forum and has worked for many years as en expert, consultant…